Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Answer

What’s the “answer”? (a random sampling of the populace)

Rube: “Hillary.”
Buffoon: “Trump.”
The Unenlightened: “Violence."
The NPR clown: “A national discussion”
The Foolish: “Disarm citizens”
The Outlandish: “Arm everyone”
The Pusher: “Vaccines and Drugs”
The Stooge: "Karl Marx!"
The Wheeler: “Mass surveillance.”
The Dealer: “Wall Street”
The Weird: “36 year old men identifying as 4 year old girls.”
The Neoconartist: “Nuking… (insert country here)”
Hillary: (she farts and her pantyhose under her pants inflate) “It take a pillage, er, village.”
Trump: “Sex is my Vietnam…The beauty of me is that I’m rich…who cares as long as I have a piece of ass! Oh, the answer? How about a wall. Fire the planet. I mean, we should literally set the planet on fire.”

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