Friday, November 4, 2016

A Brief Observation on Vampires

Be alert!

Or at least, don’t be totally absorbed in the Electric Universe of your cellular tech.

Watch out, kids—there are pedophillic vampires out there and guess what? Not all of them are just at the poverty threshold.

As a matter of fact, I would wager a guess that the “per capita” ratio is much closer to “1” the higher up the financial latter you look.

Why not?

What vampire wouldn’t choose to live in a mansion, cruse in a private jet and ride a yacht whilst drinking the blood of the rest of humanity?

“I’m no sucker” said the Billionaire vampire, then smirking at his own irony.

What vampire would choose to be a bum? None. That’s how many.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

the moral dubiousness of Tom Hanna

Tom Hanna: the sheriff of Sedgwick County (an area in Colorado close to the Nebraska border )  is currently sitting in jail for allegedly sexually assaulting a “special needs” girl.


Why would I take interest in some random (alleged) misdeed of a law-enforcement officer in a remote region I never had heard off? The reason is thus: I went to elementary school with the guy. As a matter of fact, some of my earliest memories are fond and full of laughter with regards to the chap. You see, he was the first kid I met who told tales so far-fetched even my first-grade mind and those of my contemporaries were astonished.  My buddy Doug and I played along with him, while some of the other kids called Tom Hanna’s bullshit.

“My daddy installed lasers on the space shuttle” he said.
“NUH-UHH” yelled Chris Holzer, in confounded disgust.
“Oh really? Wow, that’s cool” Doug and I would say.

Later, I recall Chris coming to Doug and me at recess and saying, “Hey guys, Tom is lying.”
“We know.”
“Then why are you believing him?”
“We’re not. We are pretending to so maybe he’ll tell more lies, and it’ll be funny.”
Chris nodded his head, and looked at us like we were some first-grade mad geniuses, when what he was really seeing was the makings of first-grade connoisseurs of B.S.

Chris could never maintain the ruse; I think he tried but had to call bullshit at Tom Hanna’s every tall boast: Tom’s claim of spending the night in jail caused Chris’ face to turn red and prompted the first cuss word I ever heard from the mouth of a first-grader.

When Tom brought us a picture of himself standing across from his spitting-image and claimed it was his twin brother, Doug and I oohed and awed, while Chris, knowing it was some sort of camera trick, became the first person I saw receive detention for spewing a string of insults at the young bullshit artist.

Tom’s revelation that he had fired an M-16 rifle received wide-eyes and “wows” from Doug and me, but Chris Holzer could stand it no more: it was the first time I saw someone punch someone else in the gut. 

Perhaps, in a way, Chris Holzer was onto something: he was trying to call him out early and nip the bastard in the bud.  Maybe Doug and I are to blame, for we enabled the moral dubiousness of Tom Hanna….

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Answer

What’s the “answer”? (a random sampling of the populace)

Rube: “Hillary.”
Buffoon: “Trump.”
The Unenlightened: “Violence."
The NPR clown: “A national discussion”
The Foolish: “Disarm citizens”
The Outlandish: “Arm everyone”
The Pusher: “Vaccines and Drugs”
The Stooge: "Karl Marx!"
The Wheeler: “Mass surveillance.”
The Dealer: “Wall Street”
The Weird: “36 year old men identifying as 4 year old girls.”
The Neoconartist: “Nuking… (insert country here)”
Hillary: (she farts and her pantyhose under her pants inflate) “It take a pillage, er, village.”
Trump: “Sex is my Vietnam…The beauty of me is that I’m rich…who cares as long as I have a piece of ass! Oh, the answer? How about a wall. Fire the planet. I mean, we should literally set the planet on fire.”

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Destroying Cynisims and Fear

Dear Milly Ennial, it is up to you to carry out the Commander-In-Chief’s mission. In order for you to reject Cynicism and Fear, you will have to utterly reject and destroy the Source of the Cynism and Fear: the sham known as the Establishment Two-Party Robot managed by Overlord Jack $$$ Oligarch.

Unfortunately my contemporary, Jenny X is on Scopolomine at an orgy in the desert humping the Robot, hence compromised and quite frankly either too cynical or brainwashed to care.

And ol’ Babe Boomer is quite content sipping the Lipitor and Viagra dosed koolaid served by the Robot on the hour every hour, eyes adhered to the Robot Television News with a top-secret military-glue and removal will require technology hitherto unknown.

It is a perilous mission, but I trust you will succeed.

Godspeed. —Col. Shalom.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I know it's hard to fathom, but there is an area outside the Left/Right circus tent. It's called reality. It's almost magical to those who have had their eyes transfixed on the amusement inside the tent, but I assure you, it is real. And out here, you don't have to drink Trump koolaid or Hillary koolaid. As a matter of fact, you don't have to drink koolaid at all! But I understand--the tent is warm and the action mesmerizing and there is a comfort in being part of a cult even if that cult pees on its members and tells them it's raining--be it blue or red... But because I am not part of this cherished cult system, to the blue I seem red and to the red I seem blue. But at least I am dry. Shalom.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

toss some shit at the fan, will you?

I look at modern civilization as I would look at a country of strange zoo animals hurling their own shit at one another, and some reacting by eating the shit, others throwing it at some other animal that just happened to be in the vicinity but had nothing to do with the initial shit tossing, and others making strange art with the shit, some saving it so they can come back in the future and dump a whole lot of it on the entire populace, some building little shit huts, and others try to trade it for some other shit. It’s just a giant shit-show, and it’s just getting shittier.

Meantime, someone tries to come in and point out that this is a giant shit show and take a wild guess what happens? yes, you guessed it, this creature gets shit thrown at them, and perhaps the other shit throwers stop tossing shit at each other just long enough to unite against this new enemy: the messenger.

“Look—he is anti-us” they say, because they have come to identify with the shit show, and they think shit is in fact the definition of who they are, so anyone that attempts to show them this, and the fact that it’s all jacked up, they consider Enemy. So that’s the way shit gets shittier and shittier until it’s so shitty that people start dying from septic shock, but by this point they say “it’s always been like this, we just have better science to tell us this. back in the day, they didn’t know any better” And they shrug, toss some shit at anyone who is against them, and lick their hands and say “yum! Good shit!”

Yes, indeed, Civilization: I view you thus, and I condemn, denounce and shit on your shit.

who runs the people that run the people?

who runs the people that run the people?

I think we know what the answer to that is. Yes, it’s the Al Pacino character—collared shirt slightly unbuttoned, suit jacket and stylish watch sitting atop some strange and dungeonous office suite atop a skyscraper in downtown Manhattan with pictures of people getting  it on that seems to be shape-shifting before your eyes, but are you just hallucinating? or is this a dream? who knows.

that is the game. to get us to look like giant piles of shit, and also like insignificant bugs worthy of the cosmic spray-can. I would say the job is being fulfilled in this day and age. Now people toss around the word “atheist” like it is hip and cool and so scientific, whilst these same people have no clue what the scientific method actually is.

Why is it that most “hip” atheists I’ve met or read all seem to have the same liberal arts persona, thoughts, looks, lingo and all that mass-produced “individuality” that makes it hard for one to distinguish one from the other? am I really living amongst pre-programmed holodeck characters that are given the same scripts?

These people do not seem real, perhaps because, in a way, they are not. they are “two dimensional”, which, if you are residing in a three dimensional space, would render those people like pictures, cartoons, or shadows of real people. the Atheist lives in two dimensions, and everything is an accident.

For a proof of one’s atheism, I would like one to punch me square in the nose.

“But that’s not right!”

“Indeed, says who?”

“Says me.”

“Based on what? we are just space dust that happened to assemble into our present condition. You punching me in the nose is no more moral or amoral than two asteroids colliding in outer space. we and they are both the same thing, in the grand scheme of things. Morality is a construct, (accidental, of course, as is language, song, iphones, jets, and sex toys). You get the point. There is no such thing as morality. (if you are a true atheist, you know what I am saying, but even then: “knowledge” is meaningless, as a matter of fact, nothing has any meaning because it’s all just random sounds that assembled star-dust makes when it farts from its mouth).

split the quanto, see what happens...

This is a hologram. The smallest unit, the quanto, cannot be split, and it is something like 10 -33 cm in size, and the smallest unit of time is something like 10 -43 seconds. So you can say that this reality is quite High Def and moving. Note: time is a dimension, and exists just like the rest of them. So — “eternity” is not just a whole bunch of time, it is rather an area, or metaplane that resides “outside” time; in other words, time resides as a creation within the “eternity”. I know. I’ve seen it, and it is almost impossible to explain and it is even harder to think there—much like how it is difficult to breath in outer space.

My ordeal was, of course, drug-induced, and I was not prepared at all for this “trespass”, nor would I suggest anyone take the route I took. I was 19. I had a wild imagination. I had a lot of LSD. But I can tell you this: this “dimension” does exist, and makes the one we inhabit naturally (and the one which Yahweh put a limiter on for us) is a subsidiary of the higher “heavenlies”. How can this be proven?

First, by virtue of the fact that our reality has known limits: big and small. This means it is a finite habitat. How you want to deal with the way in which it was manifest is up to you, but the last time I checked I have seen never a random explosion of nothing lead to 747s, smartphones, planets, condoms, tapes, and plastic grass. I would like, for once, a scientist in a lab make that happen, spontaneously, mind you.

But that is neither here nor there: because some of the intelligence I gathered was that this reality was occluded from the heavenlies, but with a caveat: the designer would allow us access via him. Any other way is technically an attempt to bypass the designer. The entire thing is quite strange, but that is the way it is set up.

I have a feeling the rebel ones got locked out, and now want to take us with them into the “timeless void”, which seems like a pretty bad deal. 

62 versus 3.5 billion

62 versus 3.5 billion.

that is the mathematics of cold hard brutal truth,
that is the mark of a planet that is totally insane
that is the sign of a reckoning.

you bet. those 62 people have more wealth than half the planet. This means they essentially own half the planet; they would tell you they won it fair and square; the other 3.5 bill would probably say otherwise (or maybe not, they might have no clue that such a thing is even possible.)

But here come the commies, promising a better tomorrow, at the expense of the other 3 billion - we’re talking about the likes of you and me. No more boats. No more big screens. No more hookers in Vegas - no, you’ll have to go to the local fair.

Here - here is your custom cardboard box to dwell in.

great idea. the poor you will always have with you: Jesus wasn’t lying.

the way (it is)

An old chum of mine likes to post little barbs against religion and religious people (he is a rather vociferous atheist, which is interesting, because I had thought that he had done LSD enough to have at the very least encountered inter-dimensional beings, but that is another line…). Needless to say, this post I shall mention went something like this: it showed a map of the Universe, with what looked like a billion little lines and a tiny dot that said “our galaxy” and under it the caption read something like “this universe is 1000000000000 light years big, and has something like 10000000000 galaxies in it, and we are just one planet in a galaxy that has 100000000000 planets….so you think if there were a creator he would give a shit about you personally?” (I am of course paraphrasing in a not very precise manner the thing, but you get the point.

It is a very good question, and I am glad he posted it. Because, first and foremost, it reminds me of how big Jeshua God really is. The biggest. Yes - when you realize how vast the Universe and space and time is, (if it is in fact not just a very elaborate simulation), then the Being that designed and engineered it is beyond comprehension in facility, ability, scope, and scale.

That is God.

But to the point of would a creator of such a thing of magnitude care about something that resides trivially - beyond microscopically (relative to the rest of the universe) personally? It would be like a human developing a relationship with a flea, or a tiny one-celled microscopic organism.

Yes - indeed, sure does seem that way, unless you take into account that such an analogy is a human mode of thought. Humans easily dismiss other humans, and can justify not giving a shit about anything, especially microscopic (unless, of course, it is some sort of virus, in which case we call it an enemy and declare war upon it.)

But, you see, Yahweh is so big and so vast that of course he cares about each and every one of his creations. He is all about the minutiae, and the details; so much so that He decided to inhabit our microscopic realm.

Quite remarkable.

stay tuned

Do you really want to know what the deal is? Yes? No? Maybe? Well, I’ll tell you this, bucko, that it ain’t anything at all that you could’ve thought of in your wildest imaginings. You want to know why? Because it is fucking unbelievable and by virtue of the fact of how it is in operation it is virtually un-provable (at least, at this time) because it is operating on a cloak of utter secrecy and incomprehensibility.

I will tell you this: things are not as they seem.

What do I mean? This is what I mean: that virtually everything you think you know about history, yourself, your surrounding, and the physical reality you inhabit is virtually bullshit.

Yes, bullshit.

What is really going on is this: this reality has been commandeered and manipulated by beings who (as far as I can tell) have eyes atop their foreheads, communicate telepathically, and operate inter-dimensionally. If they are communicating to you telepathically, and you attempt to verbalize what they are doing to you, like, let’s say you blurt out “Hey, are you communicating with me telepathically?” their third eye will blink shut and they will look at you like you are completely insane. They do not like the “spoken word” (which makes sense, since God operates via the “Word”). They will not admit what they are, who they are, what they are doing; as a matter of fact, if you attempt to disclose this, you will be funneled into the perception that you are insane. That is the catch-22. Because, with respect to our ‘known’ reality, it is insane. That’s the beauty: they have plausible deniability, and you have probable insanity. So there you are: stuck with this knowledge, and not a damn thing you can do about it.

Unless: one of them defects, and lets you know there is something to be done about it, and that something is Jesus Christ.

Their enemy. Their hatred. Their destroyer. That is the what stands in their way.