Wednesday, June 22, 2016

who runs the people that run the people?

who runs the people that run the people?

I think we know what the answer to that is. Yes, it’s the Al Pacino character—collared shirt slightly unbuttoned, suit jacket and stylish watch sitting atop some strange and dungeonous office suite atop a skyscraper in downtown Manhattan with pictures of people getting  it on that seems to be shape-shifting before your eyes, but are you just hallucinating? or is this a dream? who knows.

that is the game. to get us to look like giant piles of shit, and also like insignificant bugs worthy of the cosmic spray-can. I would say the job is being fulfilled in this day and age. Now people toss around the word “atheist” like it is hip and cool and so scientific, whilst these same people have no clue what the scientific method actually is.

Why is it that most “hip” atheists I’ve met or read all seem to have the same liberal arts persona, thoughts, looks, lingo and all that mass-produced “individuality” that makes it hard for one to distinguish one from the other? am I really living amongst pre-programmed holodeck characters that are given the same scripts?

These people do not seem real, perhaps because, in a way, they are not. they are “two dimensional”, which, if you are residing in a three dimensional space, would render those people like pictures, cartoons, or shadows of real people. the Atheist lives in two dimensions, and everything is an accident.

For a proof of one’s atheism, I would like one to punch me square in the nose.

“But that’s not right!”

“Indeed, says who?”

“Says me.”

“Based on what? we are just space dust that happened to assemble into our present condition. You punching me in the nose is no more moral or amoral than two asteroids colliding in outer space. we and they are both the same thing, in the grand scheme of things. Morality is a construct, (accidental, of course, as is language, song, iphones, jets, and sex toys). You get the point. There is no such thing as morality. (if you are a true atheist, you know what I am saying, but even then: “knowledge” is meaningless, as a matter of fact, nothing has any meaning because it’s all just random sounds that assembled star-dust makes when it farts from its mouth).

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