Wednesday, June 22, 2016

62 versus 3.5 billion

62 versus 3.5 billion.

that is the mathematics of cold hard brutal truth,
that is the mark of a planet that is totally insane
that is the sign of a reckoning.

you bet. those 62 people have more wealth than half the planet. This means they essentially own half the planet; they would tell you they won it fair and square; the other 3.5 bill would probably say otherwise (or maybe not, they might have no clue that such a thing is even possible.)

But here come the commies, promising a better tomorrow, at the expense of the other 3 billion - we’re talking about the likes of you and me. No more boats. No more big screens. No more hookers in Vegas - no, you’ll have to go to the local fair.

Here - here is your custom cardboard box to dwell in.

great idea. the poor you will always have with you: Jesus wasn’t lying.

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