Saturday, May 2, 2015

excerpt: Planet Fever (A Novel Already in Progress)

Mona stood next to the doctor and leaned closer to me. “We know that the Head Covert Manipulator of the Syndicate in this area is a man called Froward Moroni. He acts as an eccentric vagabond who goes around and collects other ‘disenfranchised’ people and enlists them into a roving artistic troupe. Seems harmless on the surface, but covertly the ‘artists’ act as unknowing conduits for the spread of mass-mindwashing. He slips everyone the drugs and we don’t know how, but he implements some sort of transistor-neural frequency via a device––perhaps installed in his own brain––which has laser-like precision properties and can completely act on a personality individually. The person then carries this frequency and spreads it broadband, all on a neuro-telepathical and hyper-subliminal series of bandwidths that piggy-back along all electronic transmissions and frequencies. Very technical and dastardly. These poor bastards don’t realize they are agents for one part of the plan for Subliminal Imperialism.”
      Was she serious? Or had she just memorized that spiel like a good actress?
      Telepathic ventriloquist. That thought scurried from the recesses of my mind to my awareness. Where had I encountered that?
      Mona continued. “You were to act as a spy, gathering intelligence on the man. We apologize, because in order to infiltrate, your mind had to be altered so Moroni couldn’t scan you for your true objectives. He had to be convinced that you were a burned-out drunk writer on the skids. Therefore, you had to be convinced as well, or at least confused about your place in life. That’s why you’re presently confused as to your identity; most of your identity is either cloaked or forged from the pills and neural programming. We're trying to retrieve your actual identity, but it's been tough going.”

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lord of the Gonzos (an excerpt)
What doth it profit a man, if he shits all over his own habitat, exterminates everything around him but himself, and ends up being the king of nothing? I suppose there is the solace in knowing that you were number one. Yes that’s it. That is what the last being on the planet Earth thought, perhaps, as he wandered about his giant mansion overlooking the coast of Bermuda.

"I am the fittest being. I have survived!" he thought as he toasted champagne to himself.

Yes, he and the other 100 mega-elites, as they had been come to be known, had made a friendly wager one fine day while holding a little yard party on one of the lavish estates of Lord Chambers Fartleroy, who loved lawn gatherings, wild discussions about creation and destruction, God, man, and the meaning of it all, and the weather.

“The meaning is to not to have the most stuff. No - the real meaning is to be the last one standing. God or no God. If there is a God, then he has designed this game for us to be ruthless. I mean, just read what he had his Children of Israel doing to those other tribes. We’re talking wholesale annihilation.” Fartleroy examined the ice-cubes in his top-shelf glass of scotch. He continued, “This game has high stakes. And for you atheistically inclined, we’re talking about a cold Universe without meaning, and the only thing we know is to try to survive, for no reason whatsoever.” He killed the rest of the scotch, then tipped the glass back to get one of the ice-cubes into his mouth. “So, I propose some sport. Since there is most likely going to be chaos soon anyway, we play a game. Whosoever is left standing last wins.”

J. Preston Organ, the media magnate and child porn connoisseur, wondered to the crowd: “I say, are you speaking of the annihilation of the 8 billion inhabitants currently residing on the planet? I do say, that is a fairly tall order, and of dubious ethical nature. I see no viable business advantage from this proposition.”

“Business, what is business? Just a way to slowly kill people with your poisonous products anyway. Gentlemen, we have amassed the fortunes of this globe to the point where we 100 own 99 percent of it’s assets. The rest might as well be bugs. And what is the point anyway?” Those are the words that issued forth from the mouth of Cooper L. Sykes, the aerospace and plastics baron with a penchant for extreme sports, gambling and “high class” women of the oldest profession.

“What saith you, Padre?” asked Gill Bates, the sniveling trillionaire eugenicist tech guru.

Everyone turned and looked at the man wearing papal garb: Pope Hilarius II. “Well, you know what I say, 'If it’s God’s will, then He will allow us to do it. If not, He will stop us.'”

Off to the side, Ray Kurtze-Wales, the leading technocrat, futurist and all around cynic who loathed the entire lot, thought to himself: I don’t believe in God…yet. I will become God, and win this stupid bet.

The rest is the future of history…

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015

An Observation Followed by a Very Philosophical Question

We: a culture amused into a strange veneration for degradation, wanton violence, lazy lawlessness, automated assassinations, security theatrics, general buffoonery, reckless behavior, self-poisoning, self-castration, self-immolation, shameless narcissism and wholesale stupidity... 

Can I get some hot-sauce with that? 

to think aloud in a place where the silent majority operate

the invisible realm is more prevalent than the visible- that means more things exist that we cannot see than do: yet we take stock in the facade, the seen, the mere image of reality – not the inherent, essential truths that are therein.

the lie is big, babies, so big that you can’t even see it because you cannot believe that something so big could be a lie. It’s like finding out your family is an alien entity that has commandeered your mind and imprinted this visual world upon you so they can feed off your psyche, or that the entire universe is a virtual simulation operation (it is, by the way).

so many lies have been bought by the general population that we do not want to admit that we’ve been utterly taken, bamboozled, swindled – so we buy more into the lie – thus helping to perpetuate it.

we learn to love the lie – so much so we have award ceremonies dedicated to the craft of the lie.

we vote for the lie.
we observe and imitate and teach our children about it.
we write entire volumes of histories based upon it.
we master it.  we spread it. we cook it up.  we paint it white, we sell it, we dish it out, we appreciate those that are good at it, we even make it seem that it’s ok (in some situations)...

we ennoble it, esteem it, worship it.  we glorify the prince of it, and we take it to our grave.  we accept it, want it, feel uncomfortable if someone attempts to shatter it.  we crucify those that expose it, and we rarely face it.

the lie is gargantuan – grown as big as the universe itself because we have fed it with our souls...and this lie is not too big to fail - it is too big not to fail...

a gutter of consciousness
so the lad tripped mucho acid and lost his mind there fer awhile
remember the loneliness, the madness, the astonishing regularity with which
the dawn of new crippling incessant vultures
would plick and pluck at the brain –
the hacks yuk it up - whisper your own demise behind your back
and stare blankly at you when you would look –
and upon the odd-chance you caught one of them attempting
to usurp your soul
they would call you nuts
and call it a day.
well now, he’s wheelin’ and dealin in the free-fornow world thus far...ain’t he, captain?
polished men in alien suits pretending nothing is going on
subliminally – in the
other circuit just your best interests at interest
and if you don’t pay, that’s ok
because they’ll just take away something you
do not care about anyway – (I shall not mention it here, they might be listening in)
but I think you and I both know what we are talking about...and if you don’t, then you are not in the
“know” nor in the “right”
but you just might be “up shit creek”,
might that not be a good tourist attraction?
“Up shit creek” – check it now, before the dam bursts and shit creek becomes shit river.
“fly fishing on shit creek” and other poems, O now that’s a title with style. 
too bad that
‘s all I got.
a man of titles and nothing else –
as an aside:
I read about how google mail offers “death” services in case you die, and you wish to not have a derelict, ghost account floating about cyberspace rudderless and captainless – so you can set it so after a certain amount of time inactive the account will terminate (assume you are no longer among the living) and offer an electric tombstone.  “Sorry – the being you are attempting to reach is no longer in service.”
electric funerals...
digital tombstones...
"he sent many a good email"
the world wide web forges on.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Gaslighting with the POTUS (an account of Secret Service agent Dan DeDonde)

El Jefe - the "classy" years

     This really happened, OK?

     So Larry and me were chillin’ outside the President’s office, and El Jefe (that is what President Obama likes to be called by us in private) opens the door, peeks outside and goes “Psst — fellas — come in here for a second.”

     We go in, he looks out the door to his left and right, closes it and locks it. Then he goes and sits behind his desk and motions for Larry and me to sit down in front of his desk.

     We sit.

     He says:  “You folks have been working really hard at protecting me and bringing counterfeiters to justice. I think it’s time you guys loosen your earpieces and tip-up the shades.”

     I thought he was gonna give us some nice presidential pin or pen or some shit like that, because he pulls out this fancy case with shiny felt and gold trim on it, like what they put nice pens or pins in. He opens it and shows me and Larry, my partner, the contents of the fine box and then El Jefe raises and lowers his eyebrows up and down really fast a whole bunch of times, trading looks with Larry and me.
     What is inside the box is a giant spliff.
     He pulls it out of the box then pulls a zippo from his desk drawer, flips it open, lights the spliff and takes a big ‘ol hit. 

     I look at Larry and Larry looks at me and then El Jefe coughs and laughs as all the smoke is launching out of his mouth at us and he passes the thing over the presidential desk to Larry who looks like a man who has just caught his parents getting it on.

     Larry has no clue what to do with the thing. El Jefe and me can’t believe it: the man actually answered truthfully when he applied for the job about smoking marijuana!  Shit, I just said I experimented with it twice in college to make it seem like I wasn’t lying but Larry really had never seen the stuff up-close!

     El Jefe offers again and Larry takes it.

     “Just baby puffs, Larry. We don’t need you discovering new planets, especially without a space suit.” El Jefe cracks himself up at this.

     Larry lights, inhales and coughs like a dying man with TB and the Jefe busts up laughing again.

     “Pass that shit over to Dan. I’ll bet he’s an old pro,” El Jefe says, raising and lowering his eyebrows again real fast.

     Dan passes the thing to me and I do the double-mini toke followed by the big inhale-and-hold, slowly easing the smoke out of my lungs and mouth for maximal THC absorption.

     El Jefe nods his head in approval and I hand him back his cannabis cigarette and he takes another drag.

     He pulls out a remote-control and presses a button. Over the speakers some shit — I think it was some seventies stuff like “Emerson, Lake and Palmer” — comes on.  El Jefe eases his chair back and puts his feet up on the desk and his arms behind his head.

     I look over at Larry who is looking around the office like a little kid and I try not to bust up laughing.

     El Jefe closes his eyes and says “Fellas — I am going to notify you of something that you will not believe. I am in fact a puppet. The people that are really in charge are inter-dimensional aliens who, when you are ‘tuned in’ to their frequency, have a third-eye right smack-dab in the middle of their forehead.  And they operate among us.”

     As El Jefe is speaking, I catch Larry out of the corner of my eye fidgeting with his ear-piece.

     “Yessir. They could be your neighbor, your mailman, your Senator, your VP.  But you wouldn’t know it, because they are cloaked, and our perception of them is…eclipsed. Unless….” He opens his eyes and offers the spliff to Larry, who declines.

     He passes it to me. I oblige.

     “Why am I telling you this? Because they make me say incredible things that don’t make any sense, like how the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq is not Islamic, or how I will close Guantanamo Bay.  Shit — check out that Nobel Peace Prize on the wall, fellas. How many other mad bombers have won peace prizes, eh?  Folks — they are gaslighting us to see how much of the bull-puckie we as human beings will gobble, and boy oh boy we will gobble quite a bit.”

     What the hell is Jefe talking about? Man, he must be high. But he continues.

     “You know what gaslighting is, Larry?”

     Larry shakes his head.

     Jefe grabs his iphone off the desk and types on the screen.

     “To quote wikipedia: ‘Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form of mental abuse in which false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception and sanity.’  Yup. The world is being gaslit…gaslighted? Hmmm….” El Jefe ponders for a second.

     He takes another hit off the doobie and snorts some of the smoke from the other end out of the air.  

     “I kid you not. They are hiding in plain sight, and they are here to bring the entire shithouse down. 9-11 was the opening ritual act of the demolition by the ceremonial Archpriest of the Three Eyed Ones, Big Dick “Pull My” Cheney.  Soon you’re gonna check things that’ll make John the Revelator blush.”

      He looks around, then leans closer to us. 

     “But I digress. I can’t talk like this to anyone because their plan is so brilliant that if I spoke out against it I would be considered a lunatic. Anyone would.  So you can’t fight inter-dimensional beings with third-eyes on their foreheads, because they got all the bases covered. Got it?  I just play the rube prez.  What the hell, eh Larry?”

     By this point Larry is sweating profusely and visibly nervous. Damn, that weed was powerful.

     “Why are they doing this?” Jefe leans forward so he’s pretty much on his own desk and face-to-face with Larry, scrutinizing him.  “Eh, Larry?”

     Larry: “Um — er — what?”
     “I said ‘why are they doing this?’ and I think you know, Larry.” Jefe slinks back into his chair.

     At this point I start to get worried about Larry. He seems like he’s on the verge of a full-bore freak-out. He’s sweating, fidgiting, messing with his tie, adjusting his holster, and El Jefe just sits and stares at him.

     And then the weed, the music and my mind all converge on some tripped-out wavelength of reality and there it is: above El Jefe’s two regular eyes I see a third eye, right there on his forehead boring into Larry’s mind!

     Holy shit!

     I get up and check the mirror on the wall next to a picture of George Bush Sr., and I got the eye on the forehead too!

     What the shit?! I am one of them also and I didn’t even know it!

     Larry is about to shit his pants when El Jefe says, “Don’t worry, Larry. We’re just gaslighting you. Go and tell everyone about this. See what happens, hehehehe.”

     Jefe takes another pull on the spliff and turns the music up.

     Yes, it is Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and the track now playing is called “C’est La Vie”