Thursday, June 29, 2017

what the?

So dinosaurs might’ve been around 30,000 years ago. Reminds me of an acid trip and a dream I had.

First, the acid trip.

Not a good one, but I’ll spare those details. Anyway, my friend began to shape-shift in my peripheral vision. First into an ancient Buddha-type figure, then into a golden reptilian, scaly and virtually nondescript type of creature that was attempting to scare me.

Then the dream: years later, a few people entered my dream but they were telepathic reptile-type creatures that were highly intelligent and very ancient. I remember deducing (or being “given” the lowdown) that they were what we humans today call the dinosaurs, but that we got it all wrong. They were beings that created splendid civilizations. They are still around, only not in the awesome form they once had. They were offering to make me some kind of deal, like to become a great writer/artist or something.

I declined.

So there you have it.

On top of that; not directly related but corollary: one time a therapist I was seeing when I was twenty because I had imbibed in too much LSD over too long a period of time and thought all of reality was an elaborate hologram specifically designed around me for reasons of study and play, when she asked if I knew what day it was I felt a pressure inside my head, heard her thoughts, and witnessed an eye blinking at me from atop her forehead. She had “shape-shifted” before me also. I remember thinking: if I say aloud what’s going on here, by all “appearances” I will be deemed insane and they will keep me indefinitely. So I said nothing. When asked “how do you feel?” I said “I am terrified.” She didn’t say anything one would think like “terrified of what” or “why do you think you feel that way? you simply forgot what day it was…”

She said something rather cryptically jacked. “It’s ok. Well, it’s not ok, but it’s ok.”

Yup. Exact words.

I felt like I was a prisoner of some predatory species that had been around since time began but now, just for me, had temporarily de-cloaked.

They shot me up with thorazine and I drooled for the next few weeks until I fled that scene.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

can you get on the right side of history?

Particularly when no matter what, you are behind the times. Think about it: by the time your eyes register what they are seeing, time has already passed. Sure, it’s picoseconds or some tiny fraction of a second like that, but think about it: what you are experiencing has technically already happened. but what the hell, it’s good enough, right? Right.

But now what? Snap the selfie, then go hand your digital currency to some plastic surgeon so those tiny little shadows underneath your eyes will no longer bother you. That’s good management of resources. You never know how you might be perceived in the future. At least you will never go down as that chick who had shadows under eyes in her selfies. No, ma’am. Not you.
But if you really want to make a splash, howabout just waste some old man and broadcast it on Facebook Live? Yes, now that is about as edgy, avant-garde and forward thinking as it gets. Where do you go from there? Looks like Pennsylvania. What? Why not broadcast your own suicide just to round it out? Now that would have been hot! But no, just like any other one hit wonder, you had your 15 minutes and then fizzled out with a boring old run-from-the law-then-kill yourself yarn. Such potential. Oh well.

Also: the way people love bombs makes me proud to be an American. Yeah! I saw some pics of some kids that got gassed on social media, plus the cia said Assad, so what the hell? Let’s just tomahawk that sucker! 
(oh, don’t mind that the Company has been openly bragging about how their goal is to remove him from power for the last decade, and has tried every dirty trick in the book to do it, but this time, it’s real.)

I still cannot believe there are still people that have zero clue that wars are rackets perpetuated by gangs of evil motherfuckers who generally don’t give a shit about people but only care about their own power or are fueled by a supernatural type of blood-lust probably that some weird entities can openly manifest and really mess shit up.

It blows me away me that people still drink red and blue koolaid.
It astonishes me that people still guzzle down diet soda loaded with aspartame .
It confounds me that people still smoke.
It makes me cry that people still trust corporately owned media.
It chaps my hide that people hold fast that everything is a random, chance purposeless accident.
It makes sad that people hate Jesus.

I wonder how Somali pirates get their start.