Wednesday, June 22, 2016

split the quanto, see what happens...

This is a hologram. The smallest unit, the quanto, cannot be split, and it is something like 10 -33 cm in size, and the smallest unit of time is something like 10 -43 seconds. So you can say that this reality is quite High Def and moving. Note: time is a dimension, and exists just like the rest of them. So — “eternity” is not just a whole bunch of time, it is rather an area, or metaplane that resides “outside” time; in other words, time resides as a creation within the “eternity”. I know. I’ve seen it, and it is almost impossible to explain and it is even harder to think there—much like how it is difficult to breath in outer space.

My ordeal was, of course, drug-induced, and I was not prepared at all for this “trespass”, nor would I suggest anyone take the route I took. I was 19. I had a wild imagination. I had a lot of LSD. But I can tell you this: this “dimension” does exist, and makes the one we inhabit naturally (and the one which Yahweh put a limiter on for us) is a subsidiary of the higher “heavenlies”. How can this be proven?

First, by virtue of the fact that our reality has known limits: big and small. This means it is a finite habitat. How you want to deal with the way in which it was manifest is up to you, but the last time I checked I have seen never a random explosion of nothing lead to 747s, smartphones, planets, condoms, tapes, and plastic grass. I would like, for once, a scientist in a lab make that happen, spontaneously, mind you.

But that is neither here nor there: because some of the intelligence I gathered was that this reality was occluded from the heavenlies, but with a caveat: the designer would allow us access via him. Any other way is technically an attempt to bypass the designer. The entire thing is quite strange, but that is the way it is set up.

I have a feeling the rebel ones got locked out, and now want to take us with them into the “timeless void”, which seems like a pretty bad deal. 

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