Wednesday, June 22, 2016

the way (it is)

An old chum of mine likes to post little barbs against religion and religious people (he is a rather vociferous atheist, which is interesting, because I had thought that he had done LSD enough to have at the very least encountered inter-dimensional beings, but that is another line…). Needless to say, this post I shall mention went something like this: it showed a map of the Universe, with what looked like a billion little lines and a tiny dot that said “our galaxy” and under it the caption read something like “this universe is 1000000000000 light years big, and has something like 10000000000 galaxies in it, and we are just one planet in a galaxy that has 100000000000 planets….so you think if there were a creator he would give a shit about you personally?” (I am of course paraphrasing in a not very precise manner the thing, but you get the point.

It is a very good question, and I am glad he posted it. Because, first and foremost, it reminds me of how big Jeshua God really is. The biggest. Yes - when you realize how vast the Universe and space and time is, (if it is in fact not just a very elaborate simulation), then the Being that designed and engineered it is beyond comprehension in facility, ability, scope, and scale.

That is God.

But to the point of would a creator of such a thing of magnitude care about something that resides trivially - beyond microscopically (relative to the rest of the universe) personally? It would be like a human developing a relationship with a flea, or a tiny one-celled microscopic organism.

Yes - indeed, sure does seem that way, unless you take into account that such an analogy is a human mode of thought. Humans easily dismiss other humans, and can justify not giving a shit about anything, especially microscopic (unless, of course, it is some sort of virus, in which case we call it an enemy and declare war upon it.)

But, you see, Yahweh is so big and so vast that of course he cares about each and every one of his creations. He is all about the minutiae, and the details; so much so that He decided to inhabit our microscopic realm.

Quite remarkable.

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