Thursday, December 15, 2011

a dirge for the Bill of Rights

Funeral procession for the U.S. Bill of Rights -- Dec. 15 1791 - Dec. 15 2011

     I recall my father giving a cassette of an interview of a former KGB agent that had defected and moved to the US and spoke about a shadow-government that was more powerful than Reagan and Gorbachev and basically ran the show.  This was around 1986 when I listened to the tape in my little ghetto-blaster and was fascinated by the ramifications of what this guy said. 
     A few years later, I remember my mom constantly telling me that the US was slowly becoming like the communist states from which my she and my dad had escaped (they use the word “escaped”) and slowly our freedoms were going to erode until we would be virtual prisoners.   This was in the early nineties. 
     A few years after that I befriended a truck-driver while working the graveyard shift at a gas-station/truckstop who over late-night discussions over coffee and chess instructed me how the small farms were being strangled out of existence, we were slowly going to become tracked and traced, travel was going to become more and more constricted, cash was going to become extinct, the financial system was going to be purposely destroyed so the elites could then commandeer all land and resources that they felt they rightfully owned – and we were basically less than serfs that did not deserve life.  This was in the mid-nineties. 
     And now today – the 15th of December 2011 - the 220th anniversary of the Bill of Rights (one of the most brilliant pieces of governmental legalese penned in the known history of the planet and the foundation upon which the Republic of the United States of America is founded upon) has been utterly bunker-busted by this piece of garbage NDAA bill drafted and passed by a league of cowards, criminals, traitors, inside-traders, and generally despicable people – all whose Yeas shall reverberate throughout time eternal and enshrine them in history as the scumbags they are. 
     R.I.P Bill O. Rights.

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