Sunday, February 12, 2012

how much faster do you want it?

Ahh yes – the reality of today is the surreality of yesterday.  The Carnival of the Astonishingly Absurd chug-a-lugs on and dogs howl and homeless sleep under bridges and cheap political hacks sext pic. of their junk to teeny-boppers and bombs are lobbed on a country in the middle-east that a good portion of the populace have no clue exists but feel much more secure because they are certain those in charge would never bomb a misc. country in the middle-east for no good reason, right?  Right.

Mad ave. brainwashes you into a state of perpetual insecurity then prescribes the solution.  Sounds familiar, eh?  Note the word “security”.  They are running the same psychological operation on the wee-people – er, we the people and the crowds at the airport lines buy the shitty product hook, line and sinker.  I bet if the next phase of this airport-prisoner training were to be escorted into a windowless room for “more enhanced security measures” people would walk in and bend over – no questions asked.

“You don’t like it don’t fly.”  I hear the rubes chortle…  I don’t like it and I WILL FLY – you fucking pathetic piles of sewer garbage…you mindless lemmings…you astonishingly moronified zombies – have ye no self-respect, no bravery, no dignity?  I – unlike you am a sovereign human being.  I am no menace to national security unless by “national” you mean “tyrannical” (then I will launch volleys of outspoken words against their folly)…  as a matter of fact – I count you as a threat – you are the “Milgrams 27” – you are the one who would pull the lever to release the gas, you are the one who would hand out yellow stars in Ghettos and say “If you don’t like it, get out of here”.  You and your blind fellowship with criminal pedophilic sociopaths are far more dangerous to the security (ie. “stability”) to this Republic than old men in wheelchairs, toddlers, regular joes, and me.

An open call to You Who Don’t Like Hearing People Outraged At the Insanity: eat shit.  This shouldn’t be problematic since your head is already punched up your butt-hole.   

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