Monday, February 13, 2012

Clandestine Rogues from Vegas-7 (an excerpt)

S. Tokley Parey, the leader of the Rogues and a pompous ass discusses the operation with his brother-in law, who is scouting the Andromeda galaxy for possible leads: "Those wily bastards are willing to blow the entire planet up if we try the same stuff we pulled 4000 years ago.  These ain’t the same band of psychopaths we had to deal with back in the day when all their leaders wanted was to be considered Godlike in front of their people and raise monuments in their honor… nice idea, by the way convincing them that our hyperdimensional navigational/energy converter pyramids were for them…I think they were finally appeased when your kid sister Sphinxette-Anne made that strange cat-structure in the sand for ‘em….how is she, by the way – she must be in her mid 8000’s by now…  No – these humans are crazy…  They want our power so they can overrun their own people and dupe them themselves.  If no deal – well - they’ll simply blow themselves into oblivion….  Yeah – they’ve even invented a game whereby two mega-states pretend to be at odds with one-another so they can tell the people they need to amass piles of these nuclear weapons so neither side would want to strike the other.  Mad, right?  That’s what I told them, and they went ahead and actually called this ruse “MAD” – mutually assure destruction.  I told them that we wouldn’t be destroyed, because of our interdimensionality as well as global-sweeping telepathic scans, we would be on Mars within a fraction of a second of any of them thinking about ‘pulling the trigger’….  No- they kept the ruse going – I know, they tell their people to be afraid of each other so they wouldn’t have to let them know about about us?  They think pandemonium would ensue, even though we’ve been coming here for millennia…  No – these new breed of “leaders” they have are paranoid psychotics who are in fact cowardly ninnies, and they are simply afraid of losing whatever perceived power their fragile pansy egos have.  If it weren’t such a pain in the ass to get to that nice little planet outside Pliedes-1 I would say screw these rascals—I’d rather deal with amorphous slugs any day.   So, we just gave them some of our out-dated junk-tech we were going to discard into their sun anyhow.  They seem to be appeased…  How’s sis?"

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