Sunday, February 12, 2012

The News Trough brought to you by Sharks

This Just In:
David Rockefeller (L), Henry Kissinger (C)  and Zbigniew Brzezinski (R)
Global financiers are writing the Kama Sutra of fraud (new and exotic positions of fraudulent activity)…catastrophic solutions to simple problems for a catatonic populace are being fleshed out at a weird bi-partisan congressional orgy…bridges are burning in front of us…socialize the risqué and privatize the prophet…the preconditioned presets kick in and the masses laugh like derelicts as their slow-death sentence is issued and their cable TV rates go up…amoral opportunists make a quick buck off the savaging of the continent, “It’s been a mighty profitable holocaust” bellows one multi-trillionaire and the studio audience of seals applaud…follow orders not an oath (unless the oath is to follow orders)…visions of the anointed manifest through a polluted wireless spectrum of pornos, gibberish, hammy jokes, faux realities, fun and games…absence of evidence is not evidence of absence – unless its been tainted…please maintain the fiction and the friction…yesterday has been cancelled due to lack of interest…would you like to purchase tomorrow at 100% interest? …from citizen to consumer slave – step inside and see the magic show as the future magically gets repossessed by classy men in three-piece suits…  This has been the Froward Moroni’s End of the World (as we know it) report – brought to you by sharks.  “Sharks – the Ocean’s Perfect Killing Machine.”

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