Thursday, June 14, 2012

We the Unevolved

If "genetic mutation" through only an agency of "natural selection" ("selection" entailing an agent making a choice...but this semantical quandry is for another time)- then we are all predestined robots acting out an elaborate automatronic play of "evolution"...from space-dust to seemingly rational, conscious, "free-thinking" beings but with no real choice in the matter at all- only the verisimilitude of "choice".
Ironically, if thus be the case- "Religion" (all parts entailed within the broad genera) is part of the "code" written by the magical agency of this mystical force, or programmer called "natural selection"; hence to call adherants to religious theologies "unevolved" is like calling your unupdated software "unupdated"; if that is the case, we are not to blame no more for our naturally un-selected under-evolved minds any more than than the program that cannot update itself- it requires an agent to update it- and we of religious persuasions have simply been left out in the cosmic-cold, abandoned by the indifferent agency of universal evolution, though we are somehow still left here to view your more evolved scholarly theses of posting pictures of avowed notable atheists with clever captions about how smart they were... Thank you for attempting to enlighten us out of our irrational, unevolved archaic belief systems- we simply have not been endowed with "ears to hear."  We,  the "unevolved", are therefore the "unchosen" (natural selection has not picked us) and you have simply "won" the lottery, and not by anything you did, thought, or said.  You are simply lucky; you are of the "elect"; you are part of the exclusive club of the naturally selected, you "more evolved piece of cosmic dust".

Congratulations.- carry on forth into a brilliant future with your kick-ass naturally selected OS. Now let the rest of us go through the motions of our underevoled lives; for none of us had no choice anyway.  Selah.

Post-script: position of more evolved: "Everything is sort of just like happening."

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  1. i think i might be too unevolved to understand this post. in fact, i think i may have de-evolved over the last few months.