Thursday, February 21, 2013

another word for possession: property


...don’t you dare take your eyes of the youngons and the lame around the castle walls, particularly at night: the inbred genetically fucked pedophillic psychopaths have a penchant for snatching them and doing things unfit for print…  No sir – you trust a politician, wall st. banker and media-man about as far as you trust a drug-pusher: with a healthy skepticism and under the assumption that if your not looking they will seize your daughter and your wallet from you…hell, some of the more brazen ones might give it a shot right in front of you – and mumble they are helping you – an ol’ pal – out…indeed.   
     We are living in stupefying and maniacal times, daddy-o: when criminals don’t run wild in the streets – what’s the point?  They get involved in government.  They don’t rob banks, they own them.  Now that’s progress.  You don’t have to risk your hide and your manhood by piloting cessnas into back-ass war-zones and unload your firearms to a gang of motley desperados…Hell no: you can become the prez. or one of his right-hand cronies…  The president of these hallowed Vile States is the grand-duke of drug pushers, the mightiest of the gun-runners, the most formidable pimp, and the most untouchable racketeer on the planet – save perhaps some musty eurotrash royals stuffing laudanum in their brandies and painting their vile faces with lead-based poisons…why do they all look like reptiles?...Anyway – you name the crime, they’ve got the market cornered…

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