Friday, August 7, 2015

What the hell, eh? Perhaps we can see this: a system that attempts to collect all - and we’re talking all — thought patterns, movements, and mental activities, even a priori, and toss it into a cloud, and then have an AI react to it’s assessment of all these thoughts. They can even tweak (modulate) brain waves if they read “undesirable” ones…

The big question: what exactly is an “undesirable” thought?

 In other words, what is the quantifiable calculus by which said thoughts are considered “undersirable”, what is the criteria, and who is to say?

This, my friends, is the system Luciferius - the Beast Grid, where (as the great “DJ”, a fantastic computer programmer and researcher alluded to on John B. Wells’ program) we will all be nodes in the system and treated therewith. It is a perfectly counterfeit and imitation of the operative system that Yahweh has designed, but it is purely artificial and the end game is the enslavement/eradication of the human race. If God wants humans to live eternally, his adversary wants death.

But the also likes to play the game: get us all eclipsed from the Writer of the Source Code, the Grand Designer: let’s funnel us all into the Aeon of delusion.

Yessir, that’s what is being set up. Remote-controlled brains, remote communiques (what do you think prayer is?) but rather than being uploaded to a newly designed system by an All Powerful, it is an upload into a manmade cloud server by a bunch of delusional technocrats that think “this time, we’ll do the whole command and control totalitarian thing right.”

Uh huh.

The delusion is so large that they actually believe they are going to reign victorious.

I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. The good news (for you assholes first): you will have a nice warm lakeside residence. The bad news: it will be a lake of fire.

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