Monday, January 6, 2014

do you know the score?

A Seizure - (Jean Ignace Isidore Gerard) Grandville - in conclusion, you have been shanghaied, are on your way to work on shithole planet jacking-into the system of mineral deposits, and loading it onto intergalactic freighters, or some stuff like that. Your mind has been commandeered, your identity confiscated, your thoughts locked up, and you will be a slave now. how do you like that? who cares...
the deal is there is no deal. We are on the verge of fairly obvious paradigm shift, and most of the addled populace will not know how to react. “Television didn’t prepare me for this one”... No – as a matter of fact, it has stripped your mind of all base survival instinct programming, reprogrammed fear and submission code and a bunch of virus applications that actually destroy your system in the background while you keep it running. In other words – you have been programmed to either a)self destruct or b)not care that you are being destroyed. this is the way it is...this is how it goes. While I am telling you this – you are being systematically dismantled. Why am I telling you this? I suppose I only wanted to help you, but I can see now that their infection into your Operating System and wetware has gone so far that all you do is laugh, deny, poke fun, and talk shit at me while the very hacker I am pointing out to you is deranging your code and savaging you. Do not blame me when you malfunction – ye have been warned....

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