Thursday, January 2, 2014

what’s the story?

“conquer the blank page” I have just read. Hemingway typed standing up – like he was shadow-boxing with the typewriter...

Now, we sit at desks and behind glowing screens like pimply-faced drone pilots -- out of range and detached. The key is to get in there and swing. Who cares of the fact that I am repeating myself or else regurgitanig prior opinions I’ve already digested?

Another good one: “serve the story, not your ego”. That reminds me of one of the first things mentioned in the first class I took in college, and intro to creative writing class where the teacher stated “do not fall in love with your own handwriting” You bet – don’t get too involved with those words you think are gold ether, and don’t think that your farts ain’t vile, buck-o – cuase they is... The problem I have: I never seem to find a story. Then that becomes “the story” (I wrote a short film about a character looking for a story, much in the spirit of Pirandello's “Five Characters in Search of an Author”, whereas the metastory was about the search for a story). But even these “clever” high-artisms get played out, like magic tricks – they are fascinating as an intellectual exercise but lack emotional movement. That’s what the fans want – to be moved, to laugh and to cry. those are the two. Sure, it’s nice to “impress” people, particularly females when you are a young male, or vice-versa, (or males if you swing the other way, same for females – you get the idea.) But to simply “wow” people will leave them impressed, but not necessarily fulfilled. I think that’s why Twain commanded to keep things simple – therein lies the genius: to take a complex equation and simplify it: is that not what mathematics and physics yearn? the unifying theory that ties things together in an easy soundbite? That’s not to say we must churn out hackneyed garbage sans smarts – that, in my opinion is patronizing the masses: calling them stupid and throwing it in their faces by force-feeding them stupid shit. Nay – a good book should make people more intelligent in a way—emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually...(or all)—in a way, it should be a source of nourishment for the mind and the soul, not junk-food...

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