Thursday, January 2, 2014

the ceiling of reality (or "On LSD")

     Alexander Ramsay: Flap-illustration, early 19th century

 I perceived a sophisticated jigsaw-puzzle of millions of tiny, reverberating pieces locked in a slow, undulating rhythm. Do you see the patterns? Those patterns are the fabric of time and space, my son – any hippy that’s worth his weight in LSD can tell you that. The lattice-like architecture resonates with a translucent green-red glow, spots or nebulous forms… networld – the net is intricate and complex mosaic in three or four dimensions, but it is visible to the human eye, if you have the correct lens and operational application of mind… LSD of course speeds this up and embellishes it – but the influx of large amounts of raw universal data on the psychic/physical level tends to “overload” the system- - the conscious operating system doesn’t know how to decipher the large volume of rapidly ingested quantum data, so it will do it’s best to “make sense” of it – hence the classic “hallucination” or “seeing things” – the system is seeing “everything” and attempting to categorize those things. Overload – or bus crash – is the “freak out”. The system simply cannot handle the volume and data-rate absorption – so the mind-OS shuts down, goes to sleep, reboots, or fries the motherboard. Imagine: suddenly not only having infinite data but ongoing absorption of that data. And you don’t have the proper “application” to run, interpret, decipher, utilize, or express that data. That is what a heavy-duty acid trip is—jamming a billion-terabytes of information into a computer that can store it, but cannot do anything with it. Our brains can handle an enormous amounts of information – thousands of percents more than we do now…but we haven’t developed the proper “wetware apps” to use them. Perhaps soon the Allmighty Software Designer will upgrade us… Are you a file to be saved, or tossed into the recycle bin? Your choice. That is freedom – the ability to choose, sans coercion – whether you want freedom or you want to be a slave….

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